Friday, 5 October 2012

Ready... Set... Go!

Today I begin my Mission 101.
I probably won't do anything from my list today (although it couldn't hurt!) - but it is a start date.  I have 1001 days to complete my goals, or what I can of them, taking me to Friday July 3rd 2015.
Some goals are small, some goals are big.  Some are probably silly to some, but to me, they're just things I want to do.  Certainly there are goals that are more important than others, as well.  And if I don't do them all, I'm ok with that.  I can easily start another list of 101 things and carry them over.

I've wanted to do 101 in 1001 for about oh, 1005 or so days now.  I was inspired by an online friend, Bec when she started hers back in 2010, and had the best of intentions to do it.  She's now completed her Mission 101, and I am now starting - procrastination FTW!  I did get to help her in one of her goals though, of meeting 5 of her online friends.  This is actually a goal of mine.  I have kept an online diary, and participated in mothers forums and photography groups online and I have a vast number of friends that I feel incredibly close to, and blessed to know - who I have never even met.  I actually get to meet one of them next week!

The concept behind Mission 101 has come about because of the Day Zero Project - a community of people achieving all sorts of wonderful and whacky things.  I chose against documenting there as it's not my cuppa tea, but have decided to blog about it - for friends to see, for accountability and for a more detailed documentation of what I've been up to and how I am going.  I did source some inspiration from there though, for some of my goals, as well as a variety of other blogs.

Two goals under way
Gratitude Journal & Blog
I do have a few goals that I get to keep up for the duration of Genes on a Mission.  Taking a self portrait once a month (lets hope to see some weightloss in there!?), keeping a 'Gratitude Journal' (I have bought a lovely paper journal for this) for the entire 1001 days, maintaining this blog, saving $10 for every achieved goal.  See - there is motivation.  If I achieve every goal on my list, I will get $1010.00 at the end of it all!   Incentive if I ever did see it!

Some exciting things to look forward to in coming weeks will be crossing whale watching off (getting in before the end of the season!), meeting an online friend, ten pin bowling with Sarah and Craig, and a photo of the family on a state border (if Ty lets me stop the car!!!)

I'M EXCITED!!!!!!!

If there are any goals on my list of 101 things that you think you can help me achieve, or any experiences you want to share in - get in touch!  I would love to be able to share this journey with other people, as well as with Ty and my babies.

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  1. Good luck with your goals! I *love* the idea of the Gratitude journal (and it's decorated in such a cute way too). And $1010 is definitely an incentive!