Monday, 25 May 2015

60. For one month get up early and go for a walk

Adjusted - regularly walk for a month

I decided to adjust this one.  Getting up early for one month and going for walk was never going to happen, but walking needed to happen.  Morning schedule here is just so crazy and getting a walk in before Ty goes to work means going in the dark, which isn't ideal around here.

For the last 2 months I have been regularly walking, either with just the boys, or with Mandy.  Zavian loves to ride his bike and we often walk around Tygum Lagoon with Memphis in his pram and Zavian on his bike.  He will happily ride his bike 3 times around the lagoon now (3.6km) which is great.  When I don't have him I tend to go around 5 times as Memmy often falls asleep.

It's working well for us - Zavian uses up his energy, Memphis gets to yell out to people as they walk past, and I get to work on my weight loss with regular exercise.

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