Friday, 22 May 2015

54. Attend a yoga or zumba class

A few weeks ago I was invited along with a couple of friends to come along to a yoga class with them.  So yay for me, I get to tick off this baby from the list!

I chucked on my ol' comfy leggings and had to make a quick stop at Big W to get myself a yoga mat... because you know, I don't have one of those laying around anywhere!  Haha.

The session itself - held at a local wellness centre in Beenleigh - was really cool.  No one told me the class wasn't a beginners class, so here I am rocking and rolling and incredibly un-glamorously flailing around.  Lets just say my balance was a lot better 10 years ago.  Not that I had ever tried yoga before.

Overall though, happy dog (or unhappy dog) pose aside, it was pretty enjoyable.  And the meditation at the end?  Exactly what I needed post yoga workout AND just in general!

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