101 in 1001

101 Things in 1001 Days

So here it is - my list.  101 things for me to achieve in 1001 days.  143 weeks.  32.8 months.  2.74 years.  Can I do it?  Maybe.  Probably.  Well I'll give it a good go, I tell you that much.  This is just something I need to do for me. Some things may be revised, depending on circumstance and how life has an uncanny knack of changing spontaneously.  But for the most part, a lot of these 'goals' are things that I have wanted to do and spent the last 1001 days procrastinating about.  I'll be pleased if I get 50% done.  I'll be satisfied and pretty well chuffed if I get 75% done.  I'll be damn excited if I get them all done.  If there is anything on my list that you think you can help me with, just let me know!  Some things, aren't just about doing things for me, but for others.  So take a look.  I'd love your thoughts.  Most of all, I'd love the support!

  1. Make 5 family photobooks (personal ones, not work related!) (0/5)
  2. Print an image I have taken on to canvas and display in my home (Completed: 01/11/2014)
  3. Make something to document photos taken on Instagram
  4. Send 5 “snail mail” letters/cards to overseas friends/family (5/5) (Completed: 21/12/2013)
  5. Develop and maintain a blog - for duration of 101  
  6. Create a 'memory' jar and keep note of happy memories for 12 months (0/12)
  7. Organise loose photographs into one place
  8. Hand make each child an item of clothing (2/3)
  9. Make a cushion for each child (0/3)
  10. Handmake something beautiful to display (Completed: 24/10/2013)
  11. Sew/hand make three useful items for myself (1/3)
  12. Print 'birthday month' photos for the kids
  13. Up-cycle/refurbish an item to reuse as a photography prop
  14. Hand make five gifts for friends, and send (0/5)
  15. Make three (different) plushie animals (0/3)
  16. Make a twelve month calendar using my own photos
  17. Crochet…. something
  18. Do a jewellery making/beading class
  19. 50 in 50mm challenge - 50 days, 1 photo a day, only using my 50mm lens
  20. Project 365 – Instagram Style (In progress for 2014)
  21. Enter a local show/photography competition
  22. Add two new items of equipment to our photography/camera stuff
  23. Wipe out one of our main debts (personal loan or credit card) (Completed 12/12/14)
  24. Attend a photography workshop
  25. Read 50 different books to the kids (0/50)
  26. Complete an alphabet photo series (0/26)
  27. Self-love project... 100 images that I'm in... (0/100)
  28. Take a family photograph on a state border (Completed 14/09/2014)
  29. Have (updated) professional family photos done (Completed: 21/09/14)
  30. Photography goal: Do either a Trash the Dress shoot or photograph a birth
  31. Make a gingerbread house
  32. Open a recipe book to a random page and cook
  33. Make something from my Adriano Zumbo recipe book
  34. Make twelve different varieties of cupcakes or muffins (0/12)
  35. Try twenty new recipes (7/20)
  36. Eat a whole sushi roll
  37. Go to Townsville to visit Mandy
  38. Go overseas (Completed: 10/07/2013 - 22/07/2013)
  39. Visit a state or territory in Australia I haven’t been to
  40. Sky dive
  41. Visit five waterfalls with the kids – and take a picture! (0/5)
  42. Take an unplanned road trip
  43. Visit five Queensland towns I’ve not been to (1/5)
  44. Go camping as a family
  45. Hike a trail in a National Park
  46. Take Alexis to the theatre
  47. Visit a famous Australian Landmark
  48. Visit all five Queensland theme parks with the kids (3/5)
  49. Go whale watching (Completed: 16/10/12)
  50. Go horse riding
  51. Take the kids to a zoo they haven’t been to (Completed: Jan 14)
  52. Get up close to a dolphin, seal or penguin (or shark!)
  53. Go to the pool once a week for a month
  54. Attend a yoga or zumba class
  55. Start a garden
  56. Lose 2 dress sizes
  57. No takeaway for one month
  58. No caffeinated soft drink for one month
  59. See P!nk live in concert (Completed: 07/09/2013)
  60. For one month get up early and go for a walk
  61. Go to three poker games with Tyron (0/3)
  62. Beat Ty at a lap on Mario Kart
  63. Have a kid-free weekend away
  64. Go on a date night once a month for twelve months (0/12)
  65. Kiss in the rain
  66. Buy Ty something awesome “Just Because”
  67. Get engaged
  68. Watch a sunrise from a beach
  69. Make a sensory tub for Zavian
  70. Visit five new playgrounds we haven’t been to before (1/5)
  71. Grow a plant from a seed
  72. Fly a kite
  73. Take Zavian ten pin bowling with Craig and Sarah (Completed: 24/10/2012)
  74. Take the kids back to Killarney (Completed: 14/09/14)
  75. Compile a playlist of 101 of my favourite songs
  76. Make a fun story book about the kids
  77. Do one art project a week for three months (0/12)
  78. Make a snowman
  79. Take the kids to Christmas Carols in the park/domain/somewhere 
  80. Do five random acts of kindness (1/5)
  81. Donate to an important charity or cause (Completed 15/05/14)  
  82. Send somebody a care package
  83. Make a mix CD for someone
  84. Catch up with five people I haven’t seen in a year (or more) (4/5)
  85. Meet three online friends (0/3)
  86. Donate/give away 101 items (101/101) (Completed: 10/10/2013)
  87.   Get my manual license
  88.   Give blood for the first time
  89.   Do a First Aid course
  90.   Get my tattoo for Zavian & Memphis
  91.   Make a "Free-Hugs" t-shirt and note how many hugs I get
  92.   Have a pamper/spa day with my best friend
  93.   Read fifteen books (10/15)
  94.   Go to the races
  95.   Try five different scotches (0/5)
  96.   Learn two different types of braids (2/2) (Completed: July 2012)
  97.   Buy a new pair of converse
  98.   Get a haircut that is a big change from what it was
  99.   Do karaoke
  100. Go to a Big Brother eviction (Completed: 18/08/2013, also went in 2012)
  101. Save $10 for every completed task and reward myself! (0/101)


  1. This looks fabulous! Good luck.

  2. Thank you! Perhaps a letter to Germany for number 4 haha

  3. Amour de bebe here ;)
    #5 You could always write a letter to us in UK :D

    Good luck!!

  4. Maybe I should make a rule for #97 ;) I'd have that one beat!