Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Memphis | 05 November 14

Ahhhh peace. Your 4th tooth has been coming through and you have been a whingy little sooky bum. Sure, I've milked the cuddles... but my ears are ringing a little. We had snuggles on my bed and for such a little man you take up a fair bit of room as you insist on sleeping sideways with your feet or hands touching my face. For this reason, you sleep mostly in your bed! You are such a good sleeper, usually all night (with the exception of last night... yes I heard you singing out at 1am!)... and you are just like your brother and sister with the whole bed time aerobics routine you all have down-pat.
You must always have Bunny, too. You love your Bunny, you got him for Easter and you are always rubbing the ears between your fingers or on your face.

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