Monday, 15 September 2014

A trip out to Killarney

74. Take the kids back to Killarney

When Zavian was a baby we went out to Killarney and stayed in an old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere.  It was bliss.  Freezing, with crazy wind, but awesome.  I wanted to go back from the minute I left.  3 years later on the same weekend, we went back. This time Hannah and Ben joined us for a couple of nights (we had the first night there ourselves).  

I love the place as much now as I did then.  I want to live in the country.  I'd have to leave Ty to do that though, so here we stay!

When we go, we stay at Oaklea Cottages in Mill Cottage.  It's 3 bedroom farmhouse with a large living/dining area, a fully equipped kitchen (BYO food) and a nice big bathroom with a bath tub.  There's a little house yard, in the middle of a paddock off a dirt road.  I looooove it.  Although, it was a bit creepy the night we went for a drive to settle the over tired sick baby and came out to find the yard surrounded by cattle just STARING at us (including a few who had taken a liking to the taste of Ben and Hannah's car and were LICKING it).

Highlights of the trip - walking to see Queen Mary Falls, feeding the birds at the Queen Mary Falls cafe, seeing the state border and letting the kids jump back and forward between NSW and QLD, playing Nerf guns in the house yard, exploring the paddocks for old machinery, patting cows, night time card games, and relaxing in front of the fire. 

The downside?  Memphis got sick on day 2 :(

We are here!  Hi guys, we're just in the middle of nowhere!
Mill Cottage - really family friendly accommodation!
The kids were curious about the rusted bits and pieces around the farm
Nerf wars!
Watch out, guys!
Hope to replicate this picture one day!
Where we were!

The concentration involved in a game of Go Fish is intense...
Bedtime stories
Boris the X-trail is tasty!
So is Ty!
Queen Mary Falls

Right of passage!
We had a small storm roll in one of the nights.

Zavian enjoyed chopping firewood
We were staying down in that gully, just off the road you can see!  Just down by the line of trees in the middle

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