About Me

I’m Gina and I'm a stay at home mama to three beautiful, energetic, cheeky kids.  My other babies are of the four-legged variety - my two doggies and one kitty cat.

I'm 28, a kiwi living in Australia (15 years and counting), happily not-married.  I'm honest, blunt and not so great with emotions.  I'm loud, a little left of centre, and slightly neurotic.  I'd like to be a lot more anti-social than my kids allow.  I also have a terrible reality tv addiction.  Almost as bad as my addiction to documenting e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g...

I love reading; black and white photography; Elmo; pepsi max; chocolate dipped strawberries; birthday cards; handmade wrapping paper; singing in the shower – badly; chick flicks and Disney; doodling in notebooks; pub rock; burgers; candles in darkness; photoboards; sand dunes; boats; chunky milo; hot showers; lavender; Killarney; country living; skimming rocks; climbing trees; giraffes; thunderstorms; Turkish delight; purple and green; fresh flowers; hokey pokey ice cream; facebook; Autumn; guitar; diary-writing; pizza and movies; handmade; Nikon; stationary shopping; Pandora charms; Crowded House; memory keeping; scrapbooking; jeans; crazy dancing; flannel pj’s and warm slippers; instagram; rainbows; converse shoes, and; batman.

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